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How to compile a specific kernel module exactly same way as in running kernel

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I'm trying to compile kernel module "r8152.ko". My goal is that my compiled module is exactly the same as r8152.ko in /lib/module/$(uname -r)

Here is what I tried:

Check kernel version

$ uname -a
Linux LPT00102259F 5.15.0-56-generic #62~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 22 21:24:20 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Download kernel source from here: 

Extract source to ~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0

Edit ~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/drivers/net/usb/Makefile so it contains only

obj-$(CONFIG_USB_RTL8152)    += r8152.o

Copy .config, Module.symvers and run some build commands

p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ make mrproper
  CLEAN   arch/x86/tools
  CLEAN   scripts/basic
  CLEAN   scripts/genksyms
  CLEAN   scripts/kconfig
  CLEAN   scripts/mod
  CLEAN   scripts/selinux/genheaders
  CLEAN   scripts/selinux/mdp
  CLEAN   scripts
  CLEAN   include/config include/generated arch/x86/include/generated .config .config.old Module.symvers
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) .config
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ cp /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/Module.symvers .
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ make olddefconfig
  HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/confdata.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/expr.o
  LEX     scripts/kconfig/lexer.lex.c
  YACC    scripts/kconfig/[ch]
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/lexer.lex.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/menu.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/preprocess.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/symbol.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/util.o
  HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/conf
# configuration written to .config
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ make prepare -j8
  SYSHDR  arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_32.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/bpf_perf_event.h
  SYSHDR  arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_64.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/errno.h
  SYSHDR  arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_x32.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/fcntl.h
  SYSTBL  arch/x86/include/generated/asm/syscalls_32.h
  SYSHDR  arch/x86/include/generated/asm/unistd_32_ia32.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/ioctl.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/ioctls.h
  SYSHDR  arch/x86/include/generated/asm/unistd_64_x32.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/ipcbuf.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/param.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/poll.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/resource.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/socket.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/sockios.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/termbits.h
  SYSTBL  arch/x86/include/generated/asm/syscalls_64.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/types.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/termios.h
  SYSTBL  arch/x86/include/generated/asm/syscalls_x32.h
  HYPERCALLS arch/x86/include/generated/asm/xen-hypercalls.h
  HOSTCC  arch/x86/tools/relocs_32.o
  HOSTCC  arch/x86/tools/relocs_64.o
  HOSTCC  arch/x86/tools/relocs_common.o
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/early_ioremap.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/export.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/mcs_spinlock.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/irq_regs.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/kmap_size.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/local64.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/mmiowb.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/rwonce.h
  WRAP    arch/x86/include/generated/asm/unaligned.h
  UPD     include/config/kernel.release
  UPD     include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h
  HOSTCC  scripts/bin2c
  DESCEND objtool
  HOSTCC  scripts/kallsyms
  HOSTCC  scripts/genksyms/genksyms.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/selinux/genheaders/genheaders
  DESCEND bpf/resolve_btfids
  HOSTCC  /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/fixdep.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/sorttable
  MKDIR     /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids//libbpf
  UPD     include/generated/utsrelease.h
  HOSTLD  arch/x86/tools/relocs
  YACC    scripts/genksyms/[ch]
  HOSTCC  /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/fixdep.o
  HOSTLD  /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/fixdep-in.o
  LINK    /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/fixdep
  HOSTCC  scripts/asn1_compiler
  HOSTCC  scripts/selinux/mdp/mdp
  LEX     scripts/genksyms/lex.lex.c
  HOSTCC  scripts/genksyms/
  HOSTLD  /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/fixdep-in.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/exec-cmd.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/genksyms/lex.lex.o
  LINK    /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/fixdep
  HOSTCC  scripts/sign-file
  MKDIR     /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids//libsubcmd
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/main.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/extract-cert
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/rbtree.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/help.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/zalloc.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/pager.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/string.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/insert-sys-cert
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/arch/x86/special.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/arch/x86/decode.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/ctype.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/weak.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/check.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/parse-options.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/str_error_r.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/run-command.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/special.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/orc_gen.o
  HOSTLD  scripts/genksyms/genksyms
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/resolve_btfids-in.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/orc_dump.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/builtin-check.o
  GEN     /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/bpf_helper_defs.h
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/sigchain.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/builtin-orc.o
  MKDIR   /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/libbpf.o
  MKDIR   /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/bpf.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/elf.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/subcmd-config.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/objtool.o
  CC      scripts/mod/empty.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/mod/mk_elfconfig
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/arch/x86/objtool-in.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/libstring.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/nlattr.o
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/libsubcmd-in.o
  AR      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/libsubcmd.a
  CC      scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.s
  MKELF   scripts/mod/elfconfig.h
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/libctype.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/str_error_r.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/mod/modpost.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/librbtree.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/btf.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/exec-cmd.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/help.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/libbpf_errno.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/pager.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/run-command.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/parse-options.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/str_error.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/netlink.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/sigchain.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/subcmd-config.o
  UPD     scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.h
  HOSTCC  scripts/mod/sumversion.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/bpf_prog_linfo.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/libbpf_probes.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/xsk.o
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/objtool-in.o
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/libsubcmd-in.o
  HOSTCC  scripts/mod/file2alias.o
  LINK    /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/objtool/objtool
  AR      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libsubcmd/libsubcmd.a
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/hashmap.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/btf_dump.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/ringbuf.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/strset.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/linker.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/gen_loader.o
  CC      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/relo_core.o
  HOSTLD  scripts/mod/modpost
  CALL    scripts/atomic/
  CC      kernel/bounds.s
  UPD     include/generated/timeconst.h
  UPD     include/generated/bounds.h
  CC      arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s
  UPD     include/generated/asm-offsets.h
  CALL    scripts/
  LD      /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/staticobjs/libbpf-in.o
  LINK    /home/p/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0/tools/bpf/resolve_btfids/libbpf/libbpf.a
  LINK     resolve_btfids
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ make modules_prepare
  CALL    scripts/
  CALL    scripts/atomic/
  DESCEND objtool
  DESCEND bpf/resolve_btfids
  LDS     scripts/
p@LPT00102259F:~/Downloads/linux-source-5.15.0$ make M=drivers/net/usb
  CC [M]  drivers/net/usb/r8152.o
  MODPOST drivers/net/usb/Module.symvers
  CC [M]  drivers/net/usb/r8152.mod.o
  LD [M]  drivers/net/usb/r8152.ko

Then I run modinfo on generated r8152.ko and check vermagic

vermagic:       5.15.64 SMP mod_unload modversions

This is different from original file in /lib

vermagic:       5.15.0-56-generic SMP mod_unload modversions

Why is that and what do I need to do so they are the same ?


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Which is the real Euler’s Rotation theorem?


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There is a similar, but more pithy definition, from Wolfram MathWorld

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This is related to the three-angle representation of an arbitrary rotation by Euler, roll-pitch-yaw, Tati-Bryan angles etc.

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So i found a riddle on reddit which is a consequence of the axiom of choice.

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Exponentials of stochastic band matrices


This may be a duplicate, but I’ve done some searching and I can’t find exactly this problem setting, probably due to not knowing the right terminology for how to refer to the transition matrix.

I’m considering absorbing random walks ${X_t}$ which have symmetric transition probabilities inside a window of size $k$. For example, on ${0, 1, 2, dots, 100}$, with $k=3$ if $X_t = 5$
P[X_{t+1} = 4] &= P[X_{t+1} = 6]\
P[X_{t+1} = 3] &= P[X_{t+1} = 7]\
P[X_{t+1} = 2] &= P[X_{t+1} = 8]\

When the walk is within $k$ of the endpoint, the allowable transitions are truncated on both sides, e.g. if $X_t = 1$, $P[X_t = 3] = 0$.

I wanted to figure out the probability of the walk being absorbed at the upper endpoint, so I did some numerical experiments with walks on the integers from 0-100.
I calculated $T^n$ for the transition matrix $T$ and a large $n$. I then looked at $(T^n)_{i, 100}$ to see the probability of being absorbed at 100. It appears that the value is always equal to $i/100$, regardless of how I set the transition distribution or window-size.

The transition matrix for a walk on the integers in $[0, N]$ has the following properties:

  1. $T$ is (row) stochastic
  2. $T$ is a band matrix with upper and lower band size $k$
  3. $T_{i, j} = 0$ if $|i – j| > max (i, N – i)$
  4. $T_{i,i + r} = T_{i, i – r}$ (this is the main property I don’t know the name of)
  5. $T_{0, 0} = T_{1, 1} = 1$

I would like a proof or counterexample of the following statement:
limlimits_{n to infty} (T^n)_{i, N} = i/N

If the statement above is true, is it still true if the transition distributions are no longer left-right symmetric, but it’s still the case that $E[X_{t + 1}] = X_t$?


If $varphi$ is a normal faithful semifinite weight, is $eta_varphi(mathfrak{n}_varphicapmathfrak{n}_varphi^*)$ dense in $mathfrak{H}_varphi$


Let $M$ be a von Neumann algebra and $varphi: M_+to [0, infty]$ be a normal, faithful semifinite weight. Consider its associated semi-cyclic representation
$$pi_varphi: Mto B(mathfrak{H}_varphi)$$
(see Takesaki’s second book, chapter VII for details).

Consider the associated map
$$eta_varphi: mathfrak{n}_varphito mathfrak{H}_varphi.$$

Is it true that $eta_varphi(mathfrak{n}_varphicap mathfrak{n}_varphi^*)$ is norm-dense in $mathfrak{H}_varphi$?

Attempt: If $xi perp eta_varphi(mathfrak{n}_varphicap mathfrak{n}_varphi^*)$, then for $x,yin mathfrak{n}_varphi$
$$0 = langle xi, eta_varphi(x^*y) rangle = langle pi_varphi(x)xi, eta_varphi(y)rangle$$
so that $pi_varphi(mathfrak{n}_varphi)xi=0$. Maybe this is sufficient to conclude that $xi= 0$? I feel like non-degeneracy of $pi_varphi$ is relevant.